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July 9 I gave a day long “Write His Answer” seminar in Baltimore. I quoted Chuck Colson’s sobering words in Against the Night, Living in the New Dark Ages:

‘Dark Age’ is a strong term. I recognize that. Yet in recent years I’ve had a growing sense of storm clouds gathering on the horizon . . . The forecast is foreboding . . . We  scan the horizon with unease.

We sense that things are winding down, that somehow freedom, justice, and order are slipping away. Our great civilization may not yet lie in smoldering ruins, but the enemy is within the gates.

The times seem to smell of sunset. Encroaching darkness casts long shadows across every institution in our land. . . . We do face a crisis in Western culture, and it presents the greatest threat to civilization since the barbarians invaded Rome.”


I feel such a strong sense of urgency to “write His answer” – now. I believe the day is fast approaching when we will not have the freedom to print or distribute Christian literature or to share our faith on the Internet.

Critical days are ahead. As so many are saying, America is teetering on the edge of collapse. I urge you to watch Michael Gantt’s keynote, “The Cross Is the Main Thing,” from last year’s conference.

“The sad fact for America is that
our sin has made God our enemy.
Because of the rejection of God and His Word
and because we have exchanged
the God of Life for the gods of death
and perversion,
America is already under
the Hand of God’s judgment.

“If there is no national confession of sin
and if we cannot find a heart of repentance,
a Holy God will complete his judgment;
either by the complete annihilation
or subjugation of what was once a great
and godly people or by rendering it
completely irrelevant on the world stage.”

Michael Gantt
http://growinggodlyseed.com/stand (complete transcript)
Video – http://bit.ly/1JkE8m9

Father, please open our eyes to the “signs of the time” and help us to “Make the most of every chance [we] get. These are desperate times!” (Eph. 5:16 MSG).

Sunday, July 24, is the last day to register for the August 3-6 Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference before the price increases. It is also the last day to sign up for appointments (based on availability) with up to FOUR (agents, editors, or authors from the 55 serving on this year’s faculty. You can still register after July 24 (and walk-in), but you will need to wait until you arrive at the conference to request your appointments.

But Philly is too far? It’s not the same as being there, but CDs will be available after the conference. And I’ve just posted the order form for CDs from the May Colorado Christian Writers Conference to the website. Click here. Michael Gantt’s keynote that the above quote came from was also presented in Colorado this May and received a standing ovation.

But I can’t afford the cost. If Father wants you to come, He will provide. This is not a pat answer but one that I have personally experienced time and time again. I know all about “thinking lack.”  But I also have been convicted that when I worry (translation “wring my hands”) over my perception that there is not enough money, I grieve Almighty God who promises to supply all my needs from His riches in glory (Phil. 4:19). Partial scholarships are still available. Family, friends, your church might welcome the opportunity to invest in your writing ministry, but you need to ask.

But I can’t get time off work. God can grant you favor with your boss, but again you need to ask. If you’ve used all your vacation time but are off on Saturdays, then come just one day.

But I don’t have anyone to watch my kids or aging parent. Again, you need to ask! Remember, “you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it” (James 4:2 NLT).

As my friend Lee Roddy once said, “eternity will be different” because of the words that will be written and published  as a result of this conference.

Father, please help everyone who reads these words not to doubt You or the gift of
words You have entrusted to them. Move whatever obstacles that appear to stand in their way and get them to the August 3-6, 2016, GPCWC. I know You will meet us there.

Keep believing, living, and writing His answer!

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